Freelance video editor and founder of octalancer.

I have been editing videos and graphics for the last 4+ years and have worked with all types of clients, from hobbyist YouTubers to big businesses like Netflix and Avalon Meta.

My edited videos for YouTubers such as ‘Saiman says’ have gotten 100k+ likes, and the ones I did for Netflix this year have all crossed over million views.

I gained my skills in editing after running a video meme page back in 2018 and taking it to 20k+ Followers combined across all social media platforms and reaching almost 800k+ people on YouTube.

Along with the meme page, I started a few other pages under my personal brand and, in the process, learned a lot more about videos and graphics and, most importantly, human psychology, which happens to be one of the fields I am very much interested in.

When I am not making cuts to video, I write and publish a blog and a podcast episode every weekend revolving around my journey of understanding the world both online and offline.

If you are someone looking for an editor or an all-in-one generalist! Hit me up.

Let’s talk and figure out if me and my team and can be of value to you.