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I have been writing blogs consistently for over a year now on my own website. Here are a few tools that have helped me save a lot of time and get better feedback from my readers.

Some of these tools are more helpful to some than others but regardless you should have knowledge of some of these tools just in case.

The first one in the list is a link shortnening / tracking service like


Initially, I used something called but their servers were not always up which resulted in me switching to much reliable but limited offering of

Most blogging/Newsletter publishing sites come with link trackers built in and some even give you the option to connect your account to it.

Incase if it doesnt you can always go ahead and use it and to save time while creating the link

But how is this a time saver tool? It only adds to the equation

Well that is true but given the fact that we create and share so many links nowadays and then when we want to check how the links performed we have to individually check from places such as insta story stats to see how many link clicks the link got

using a link tracking tool can save that time as you will be able to see how the link performs right from your browser and it also tells you the source of the clicks.

You can make the process of creating link much more faster check our fourth tool mentioned below it instantly converts any pasted link into a shortlink plus automatically copies it your clipboard, continue reading to know about it.


Ditto | Clipboard manager

As a content creator you need to keep a track of the various links, texts and images that you copy but the windows clipboard manager just doesn’t do the work of storing all items copied correctly and neither can we search a specific keyword that we copied.


This is where Ditto comes to rescue its a very powerful clipboard manager where we can set for how long to keep the items in the clipboard. I choose to keep it for 10 days at max becuase I publish a blog every week, I don’t need it for any longer than that.

Try Ditto

Notion | Database Tool

Now this one is a meta tool and it has become such a part of our daily that we don’t even see it as a seperate tool, but it is, and it’s one of most powerful tool out there in terms of content and idea management.


I also use it for following a list of checklist everytime I publish a blog.


This is what my check list looks like as of Aug 2021.

Try Notion

ShareX | All-in-one Utility tool

This one is a Huge Time saver for me and can be used even if you don’t blog.


It’s an all in one utility tool that does a lot of things.


I mainly use it for sharing images to my blogs(Integrated with imgur), shortening link(Integrated with and for copying text from image [OCR] but it can used for several other things

Try ShareX

Canva | Graphic Designing Tool


Whether it’s a simple graphic that you want to show or a sophisticated 3D model of your illustration ….. well it can’t do the 2nd one but it sure can do the first one and it’s one of the fastest tool out there in the market and speed is main reason why I am recommending this


From making a nice thumbnail for your video to adding simple effects to your images for blog the tool can do it all in the least amount of time, even if you have a very little knowledge of using it before. Unlike photoshop and illustrator this one is easy to learn and can be used by anyone.

Try Canva

This is the part one of List of tools that I personally use on a regular basis if you liked the blog or liked any of the tools mentioned you can give us a follow on our Instagram page or subscribe to our email-list by entering you email below.

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