Does Content Repurposing work for everyone?

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This isn’t like our usual blog as this is partly information and partly self-promotion sort of blog.

we have decided to focus more on the niche of content repurposing and editing videos for social media sites to provide maximum value to content creators, but if you are here for just knowing what it is, then you can just read the first half of this blog


Content repurposing, as the name suggests, is when we take a piece of content from one of our channels and transform it into something that can be used on other channels.

What do you mean by channels?

A channel is basically a platform where you are publishing your content

Example: YouTube Video, Blog, Podcast, IGTV etc


In a world that is so full of content already, we are a big believer in build once sell twice!

Not to mention, if you don’t publish your content on other platforms and establish your brand, someone else will!

You can see this happening with the rise of Tiktok and reels. Most of the value-based content there is just someone else’s old content repurposed.

Why let some other companies build the audience for something which you are already working on.

Not only that, the followers that you have on any channel are borrowed from the platform and will last as long as the algorithm dictates necessary. You can avoid playing the platform game by building your audience on several different platforms at once. But you won’t be able to make it on other platforms if you don’t provide them with any value over there. Take it simply that people won’t follow you if your profile is blank.

But focusing on a lot of platforms at once can be very time-consuming and very distracting, to say the least. Not only you will have to manage your content but also check a lot of other parameters to make sure your efforts aren’t going waster.


If you are a serious content creator looking to scale your brand across multiple social media platforms, then you should repurpose your content. You need to be consistent in some way in your long-form channel or you should have a long library of content already made.

Generally, knowledge-centric content creators get the most from repurposing their content as not only their content reaches a lot of people, but it also acts as a way to resurface the key insights and takeaways from the original content. It’s a great way to keep your followers engaged and aware.

With all that being said, it is not for every type of content creator. Some will benefit more than others. Simple content repurposing might not work for entertainment-centric channels.

If you are still unsure whether this is for you or not then check your eligibility here


Now, if you don’t have the time and energy to invest in building your brand on social media sites or if it is something that you don’t fully understand, then you can always outsource it to others.

Points to keep in mind while outsourcing

It is usually safer to delegate such tasks to a group of people rather than an individual because as much as people like to flaunt that they are generalists, one person simply cannot keep track of everything while also editing and writing the content.

So you can always hire a small group of people and pay them a monthly salary, but if that price is too much and you don’t have the time to manage them, then you can always go ahead and hire an agency like us to do it for you.


If you want to grow your audience across the internet and not just one platform, you could use our help as we have decided to provide our services especially to content creators looking to scale their brand in the world of the internet.

Here are a few of the things that we can do for you


We will take chunks from your long-form content and edit it to something that can be published on your social media profiles like Instagram reels and TikTok.

We can even make a slightly longer version or summary in IGTV format or any other standard social media video format.

YT to Social Media by Octalaner | Interactive Card

There are many YouTubers like Ali Abdaal, Ankur Warikoo, and a lot of others who do this. Here is a list of people who re-purpose their YouTube content for their social media and have noticed exponential growth in the last few months.


If you have an audio-only podcast we could do the same, but instead of video, we will use subtitles and audiogram to make it more compelling for social media sites.

Naval does this btw!


If you have a blog, we could transform it into an Instagram carousel post.

Blog to thread by TRB

But how will that drive traffic to my site?

We could limit it to 60-70% of the post and add a Call-to-action at the last slide prompting people to check your site.


We could do the same for your email newsletters and help you build your list more by sharing part of it on social media.

Newsletter to Insta by TRB

A big example of this is James Clear, who has over a million email subscribers. There is no denying that he has successfully leveraged the power of social media to get to that number.


Yes? Then why stop at just Instagram. We can re-purpose your already made content into LinkedIn posts and write Twitter threads out of them as well!

Or we can even write a weekly newsletter on your behalf from the content that you have made. It will act as a way of promoting your content along with building an email list.


Sure! Why not? We could even make notes out of your videos. You can either store them on your website or make them exclusive for your most loyal followers.

YT to Insta Caraousels by TRB


We will be honest. You don’t have to choose us for re-purposing your content!

But we also believe that it might not be possible for just a single person to re-purpose your content and optimize it for all social media sites.

In that case, you might want to hire a few people and then individually manage them but that will result in you investing more of your time.

This is where we come into the picture; not only do we have prior knowledge of social media sites, content writing, marketing, graphic designing, and video editing, but we are also a team of freelancers whom you don’t have to manage individually.

We make it easy for you to just talk to one person and get all your work done.

Bonus: When you work with an agency, you are less emotionally invested, so you can fire us anytime you feel like the work we are providing is not up to the mark!


Even though we could type more about us or show you our past work and reviews, but we wouldn’t do that because that might not match the content type that you make and we would rather like to show you our work by doing it for you.

We offer a 3-days FREE trial of our services.

But if you are still not convinced, then we would love to get on a call with you and see how we could help you!

To get on a call let us check your eligibility here.

We will email you within 24hours if we find you can benefit from it.

“Many people wish they started sooner. Almost nobody wishes they started later.” - James Clear

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