5 Useful Chrome Extensions for Graphic Designers

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When I first started out as a Graphic Designer I badly wanted a tool “using which I can extract colors from any website”, then someone told me about Extensions!

I have curated a list of some plug-ins which I use almost daily and they might help you work faster and more efficiently as a Graphic Designer.

1. Eye Dropper


This tool is very convenient when the client wants you to stick to already existing color palette but they don’t have a style/color guide. You can quickly pick colors from the website and create a color palette in the browser itself, save it to your clipboard and use it in your design. Super handy.

Another alternate for this tool is ColorZilla, but I like Eye Dropper better :P

Get Eye Dropper

2. WhatFont


It’s just me or sometimes you visit a website and fall in love with it’s typeface and wonder “What Font is it!” (bad joke eh). So this tool lets you see a site’s font and other styling attributes like color, size, weight and spacing, everything at a click.

Another good alternate for this is Fontanello, I use both, depends on my mood ;D

Get WhatFont

3. Image Downloader


Downloading an image from a webpage is easy, but downloading them all is not. Using this plug-in, you can download multiple images at once, even filter them by width or height. It can save you a lot of time.

Get Image Downloader

4. SVG-Grabber


Struggling to download that .svg logo from a website? Don’t worry svg-grabber is there to help you out. As the name suggests, this plug-in helps you grab all the svg images, illustrations and icons from a website. It lets you quickly preview and download or copy all the svg assets. It’s super useful sometimes

Tip: You’ll need to refresh your page after installing this extension to use it.

Get SVG-Grabber

5. Muzli 2


Muzli shows you freshest designs and interactive news from all over the web, to get inspired from, on your homepage. This is a must-have for all the designers out there!

Tip: Muzli replaces your default tab and becomes your home page, you can turn this off on extension settings.

Get Muzli 2

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